NetMonitor Privacy Policy

Last change 2021, January 20.

What information does the App obtain?

App can collect information including, but not limited to: your device location, the model of mobile device you use, the mobile network you use, your mobile network information.

How and where collected information is stored and used?

App can record collected information to local database on device. Start and sop of recording is done by a user. During recording user sees notification. Main App feature allows recording in background when App is not visible or active, e.g. during walking or driving.

User can review/delete recorded data via App interface. User can see collected data in App on geo map, graphs and tables.

What about sharing of colected information?

App does not send out any collected information. All information is used locally on device.

User can make exports of collected information. Sharing of exports is under user responsibility.

How can a user delete the collected information?

User can delete recorded sessions from database via App interface. App uninstalling leads to removing database file by Android OS. In case of App uninstalling all recorded data will be lost.


If you have any questions about this privacy policy please contact developer.